Tomten Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
50 Dale Dr
Green Bay, Virginia , 23942

Primary Contact: Brian Garretson
Primary Phone:
    Number: 4343921896


Internship information
General Farm Description: Tomten Farm is a small diverse farm run by Brian Garretson and Autumn Campbell in Prince Edward County, VA, 10 miles SE of Farmville. Using organic methods we cultivate 2.5 acres of annual specialty vegetables crops, as well as pasture raise 200 chickens and 50 ducks for direct sales each year. We also have a small orchard and a flock of laying hens. Our farm's main goal is to produce the highest quality and best tasting vegetables and poultry possible. This is our 9th year farming on our land. We produce food for a 40 member CSA, but the majority of our produce and poultry is sold through direct sales at two Richmond farmers markets and to a small group of wholesale accounts. We both worked for many years in the food and beverage industry developing a strong passion for cooking and eating. We have transferred this passion to what we raise and grow. We are seeking out the tastiest varieties of vegetables and optimum growing conditions to maximize on the quality of our produce. We raise unusual breeds of poultry in free-range conditions because we have found that their flavor and texture far exceeds that of the industry standards. Now in our 8th year of production we are striving to improve efficiency and crop yields while addressing the long term health of our land. We are inspired by both progressive and traditional methods. Through seasonal cover cropping, compost and mineral amendment, and moving poultry flocks through our spent cropland we are actively working to improve the fertility of our soil. We both work exclusively on the farm and are invested in creating a profitable farming system. We are searching for one intern or a couple to assist throughout our main growing season. Previous farm experience is not necessary, but experience with physical labor of some sort is a must.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: 4-1-20
Internship Ends: 11-26-20
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: When filled
Minimum Length of Stay: Negotiable

Internship Details:

Our small intensive farm offers a wonderful opportunity for those interested in learning about how a market farm runs. A full season internship runs from March/April to November, although there is flexibility with dates. Our normal workweek consists of 50-55 hours of work, plus assistance in daily chores and meal prep with 2 days off. The exact schedule and days per week are flexible dependent on each individual situation as we are more concerned about finding the right person. You will work in most aspects of the farm operation alongside the two owner/farmers as well as have responsibilities working on your own. As on any vegetable farm there is always a lot to do. Duties will include cultivation and tending to crops as well as harvesting, washing, and packing produce. You will also be assisting with seeding, transplanting, greenhouse management, soil management, pest and disease control, irrigation setup and operation, mulching, and various fieldwork. In addition to working with the produce, there is daily and weekly duties for the poultry. Chores include feeding, moving houses, setting up net fencing, and collecting and cleaning eggs. We slaughter our poultry on the farm and will require that you help out the 2-3 times we process during the summer.

Educational Opportunities: We are excited to share our knowledge with you throughout the internship. There will be opportunity to visit some of the other like minded farms in the area if you wish.

Skills Desired: We are looking for two individuals with strong work ethic. One that enjoys doing physically taxing work (must be able to lift 50lbs), even in adverse conditions. The summers are very hot and humid in Southside Virginia and although we do our best to schedule hard work for the cooler times of day, this job requires a positive attitude and the will to work through difficulty. Other necessary skills include the ability to learn quickly, take direction well, pay attention to details, and multitask. Our quality standards for our produce and poultry are very high so we are looking for an individual that works efficiently and attentively with an interest in developing their craft as a farmer.

Meals: All meals are shared. The intern helps with meals throughout the week. All food is provided by the farm.

Stipend: First-Year Apprentices: Without farming experience: $600/month stipend; housing and food provided. - With at least 1 year full season of farming experience: $850/month stipend; housing and food provided.

Housing: Housing: A bedroom on the 1st floor is available in our large farmhouse. We have a comfortable clean house with lots of space both inside and out.

Preferred method of Contact: email