Wheaton Labs

Contact information
Farm Address:
2120 S Reserve Street #351
Missoula, Montana, 59801

Primary Contact: Liv Smith
Secondary Contact: Samantha Lewis

Primary Phone:
    Number: 406-209-8944
    Email: wheatonlabs@gmail.com

Secondary Phone
    Number: 206.399.6761

Website: https://wheaton-labs.com/bootcamp/

Website: https://permies.com/t/bootcamp

Internship information
General Farm Description: We are bonkers about permaculture and permaculture innovation. We have so many people interested in being part of our projects, that we have developed the permaculture bootcamp! Come spend 40 hours per week focused on permaculture food systems, natural building, appropriate technology, and general homestead living. We are global leaders in rocket mass heaters, hosting global rocket mass heater events - so everybody gets a chance to run rocket mass heaters plus rocket ovens, rocket cooktops and rocket water heaters. Some of the bootcamp values include: - no more than half a day, each day, working on any one thing - work is done, as often as possible, in groups - try to have lots of project diversity through the week - 90%+ of the work done is to benefit the bootcamp (food and shelter) We also host several huge events per year, bringing leading experts here - and the boots share meals and experiences with the experts. We are also pretty generous at giving boots access to our events as attendees. Events include: - Permaculture Design Certification Course - Permaculture Technology Jamboree - SKIP event - Rocket Mass Heater Jamboree - Garden Master Certification Course Boots that are here longer than a month get their own acre to express their own vision in seed and soil. Boots that have been in the bootcamp for four months can drop the bootcamp and spend a year on their acre. Wheaton Labs encourages experimentation and innovation. Some of our successes include: - Rocket mass heaters, rocket ovens, cooktops and water heaters - wofati - a natural building design build from logs and cob - willow feeders - an dramatic improvement over composting toilets or humanure - fruit trees from seeds and pits - round wood timber framing - solar food dehydrators (one with a rocket assist) - hugelkultur and berm food systems - dry stack - truly passive greenhouse - skiddable structures - junkpole fence - haybox cooker and "the easy bake coffin" - thorns style community The bootcamp has been upgraded to facilitate more boots and improve our overall velocity in developing new innovations!

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: About once a month
Internship Ends: Must commit to at least a week
Number of Internship Available: 20
Application Deadline: Apply now and you can attent this years SKIP Course (Skills To Inherit Property) for Free!
Minimum Length of Stay: one week

Internship Details:

40 hours per week of working on permaculture and homesteading
projects. A warm bunk and organic food staples provided. Access to
land and tools for your own projects. Connections to our online
community that wishes to live vicariously through the boots and will
provide some coin and care packages in exchange for uploading pics.

Expectations are low for the first week – we encourage new boots to
rest a lot. It usually takes a month to come up to full speed.

Overall – learn permaculture through a little hard work.

Educational Opportunities: Permaculture, natural building and SKIP

Skills Desired: No experience necessary.

Meals: Organic staple foods are provided.

Stipend: There are 12 ways to earn income on the side, the most popular of which is posting pictures to our website.

Housing: Yes

Preferred method of Contact: email