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Consider this!Take care! There are some very important things to consider before listing or accepting a farm internship.

Internship & Apprenticeship Details

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Neversink Farm - No Till
Claryvile, NY 12725



Last Updated: 03-14-2018

General Description: --We are presently seeking 2018 Season Summer Field Hands---

As one of the country's most productive small scale, no till, farms we are a great place for aspiring farmers to learn how to be successful at farming small acreage without tractors or tilling.

We do not offer internships or apprenticeships or any formal education outside of ones daily tasks. You would be a full-time paid employee.

We are a Certified Organic, No Till, No Tractor Vegetable Farm in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. The Neversink River flows through the middle of the farm. We have 20 acres of mixed woods and pasture, 1.5 acres of which are in cultivation.

Internship Starts: April
Internship Ends: Thanksgiving
Number of Interns: 1
App Deadline: 03-31-2018
Minimum Length of Stay: Entire Season Prefered


Skills Desired: If you are a slow worker, tardy, careless or not fully committed, don't bother applying.

You don't need farm experience. More importantly, you must be responsible, be able take criticism and follow directions, be thorough and have the physical ability and desire to work fast. Thus, we prefer that you have some physical labor experience.

Those who can balance thoroughness with speed, and who work with care, are the most successful here.

Educational Opportunities:

Stipend: $12/hr with free housing (Approx $550 week). $14 an hour without housing. All Neversink employees are covered by workers compensation. Any increases in wages are based purely on performance. Check description for directions on how to apply for this position. You will not be considered if you do not follow the directions

Housing: The worker house on the farm has hot water, gas stove for cooking, electricity, and a wood stove for heat. The house has a fully equipped kitchen, a living room and full bathroom. High speed wireless internet is available. The house is on the river and also has a swimming pond. There is a deck in the front yard. Housing includes propane, electric(within reason), wood for heating, and internet. There is a clothes washing machine at the farm for your use. You will get your own bedroom. No pets allowed.

Preferred method Of Contact: Email

Internship Details: This is a position for a full time paid field hand. We do not hire interns/apprentices. We operate year round.

Summer work begins April/May and ends Thanksgiving
Winter work begins in December 1 and ends at the end of April

The basic categories of work are planting, seeding, and transplanting, cultivating, weeding, spreading compost, harvesting, vegetable washing and selling. Almost all of the work is done by hand or with hand tools. Winter work is mostly greens harvesting/processing, farmers market, transplants, and new projects.

Weekly Schedule: (Summer)

Saturday - Market
Sunday - Off
Monday - Planting, Cultivate, Bed Prep
Tuesday - Seed Starts, Composting
Thursday-Cultivate, Planting, Bed Prepping,
Friday-Harvest, Greenhouse Work,
Saturday- Farmers Market

Work week is five days and about 40 to 45 hours. You can work more if you desire. Normal working days will be about 8 am to 5 pm with an hour lunch, but is dependent on getting things done, and we try to get everything done early to quit early but are not always successful. Market days are much longer hours

Winter work is usually Wednesday to Friday 9am to 4pm and Long Saturday's for the Farmers Market. More hours are optional.

During downtime - There is swimming in the river on the farm, a cafe down the road, hiking and biking as well as interns from other farms to hang out with.

You must be able to come to the farm for an interview or have a few seasons experience on a for profit farm with stellar references. The interview will be an hour or less and does NOT include a tour of the farm

If you do not live in the area, then you must have some reasonable housing plan or have done research prior to applying.

Deadline for applying in the first round is 2/15/2018
Interview will be between 1/152018 and 2/21/2018
Notification will be 3/1/2018

To apply for this position:
Make sure that you are presently ready to make a commitment and then send us an email with Subject "Employment Field Hand 2018" and answer the following
1) Your Phone Number and current address.
2) Your age (you must be mature enough for physical and risky farm work)
3) Your farming or physical labor experience with three references. Include their phone number, email., and The dates you worked for them.
4) Your availability (dates and time) to come to the farm for an interview. Weekdays only.
5) The date you wish to start working and intended length of stay.
6) Details of your housing plan, if you will not be staying in the worker housing
7) State that you understand a drug test is required. (We don't care about marijuana)
8) Do you have a current drivers licence?
9) Are you legal to work in the United States?
10) Are you able to work weekends and do you have any prior commitments that would bar you from working any days during the season?
11) Explanation of why you would be great fit at Neversink Farm

***Form letters will not be considered for positions nor any emails that did not follow these directions.***


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