Audrey KoldeAudrey Kolde

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist
Gulf States Region

Topic Areas: Business Planning, Marketing, Crops, Food Equity, Livestock, Local Foods, Pest Management, Soil Health

Specific Areas of Expertise: Mixed specialty crop operations, season extension, food safety, compost systems, marketing

Audrey Kolde grew up curious, especially about nature and history. When these passions showed her the damage done to the economy, people, animals, and the land, she found a path of hope in farming where human history and nature regenerate and thrive with joy. “Except when it comes to fire ants; they’re jerks,” she said. Audrey attended Louisiana Tech and earned an Environmental Science degree, a wonderful program focusing on soil health, GIS, biology, and the reality of farming. From there, she farmed in West Virginia and Alabama before returning to Louisiana and farming and working in the overall food system.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Louisiana Tech


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