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Whether you’re a seasoned or beginning producer, a curious consumer, or simply someone who appreciates the bounty of the earth, you’ll find valuable insights and engaging stories here.

Written by ATTRA specialists on topics they are passionate and knowledgeable about, the ATTRA blog highlights techniques, how-tos, insight, success stories, and much more in support of sustainable agriculture.

Group photo at Montanans Feeding Montanans summit

The Quest for Montana Food Self-Reliance—What Will It Take?

By Tammy Howard, NCAT Agriculture Specialist I recently attended…

Right Livelihood: Reflecting on my 24 years working for NCAT’s ATTRA program

By Guy King Ames, retired NCAT Horticulture Specialist This…

More Than a Farm: Setting Your Agribusiness Up for Success

By Hakeem Holmes, NCAT Agriculture Specialist Farming—one…
Cow at frozen pond

Providing Water to Livestock in Frigid Weather

Weather events bring all sorts of challenges to livestock producers, but perhaps none more than severe winter weather. The bitterly cold temperatures in February 2021 sparked a conversation among NCAT Livestock Specialists about how we provide water to stock during such times.
By Linda Coffey, Margo Hale, and Dave Scott, NCAT Livestock Specialists

Agroecological Crop Selection, Part 1

By Justin Duncan, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist For…
Closed high tunnel system

High Tunnel Soil Management for Season Extension

By Chris Lent, NCAT Agriculture Specialist When I began to…
White clover undersown into corn

Living Mulch Cover Cropping for Gardens and Small Farms: Managing an “organic matter” system

By Lee Rinehart, NCAT Agriculture Specialist I’m sure farmers…

Adopting Water-Smart Practices in the Rio Grande Valley

By Katelyn Amador, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley The…
Very dense and compacted soil clod breaking off in horizontal plates underneath a 3-inch sod laye

Diagnosing Soil Compaction on Grazing Lands

By Justin Morris In an earlier blog, we discussed the causes…

Biochar Is Key to Cascading Benefits in Innovative Carbon Chicken Project

Fifth-generation Arkansas farmer Jody Hardin was introduced to…