Olive trees in a vineyard agroforestry system provide shade to Malbec vines below, protecting them from extreme heat and sunburn.

Agroforestry and Agrivoltaics: Two Appropriate Technologies for Smart Shade on Farms

By Katherine Favor Extreme heat is making news headlines across…
Pickled okra
School cafeteria fruit bar.USDA
A man purchases fresh produce at the Helena, Montana farmers market.NCAT
Pick-your-own store front.
assortment of fresh vegetables

Montana Farmers Market Mentors: Starting an Online Market

In this video, we learn about how the O’Hara Commons &…
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Marty Holman works the computer in his outdoor office on Holman’s Harvest Farms in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, February 25, 2021. Holman raises chickens, cattle, vegetable, and tropical fruit on his 15 acres. USDA/FPAC photo by Preston KeresUSDA