Economically Viable Management Tools to Improve Land Health

In this video, Sustainable Agriculture Specialists Colin Mitchell and Kara Kroeger offer an introductory webinar on tools you can use to improve ecosystem function on your land. This will be the first of a series of workshops and webinars designed specifically to help landowners in the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program manage their land in a regenerative way. Focus will be placed on how these management tools can foster economic viability regardless of whether you are an agricultural producer or using your land for recreational enjoyment. Colin and Kara will introduce themselves and broadly cover the following topics, which will be covered in more detail at future workshops:

• Soil health principles
• Soil and Water infiltration testing
• Erosion mitigation and restoration
• Adaptive grazing management
• Pasture cropping
• Cedar clearing remediation
• Tree planting and native seeding

This workshop is produced by the National Center for Appropriate Technology through the ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture program, under a cooperative agreement with USDA Rural Development. ATTRA.NCAT.ORG.