Episode 335. She’s Raising Sheep: Sheridan Rowe Langford of Texas 

Sheri Langford is a straight-talking Texas shepherd, dog trainer, and retired crime scene investigator.  

 In this episode of Voices from the Field, Sheri talks with NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Linda Poole about raising Navajo-Churro sheep – which she calls “the mustangs of the sheep world” – with the help of her border collie, Anatolian, and Great Pyrenees guardian dogs. On her Red Feather Ranch, Sheri says, predators are like pilots: there are old predators, and there are bold predators, but, thanks to her dogs, there are no old, bold predators.  

 Sheri also talks about her journey from crime scene investigator to shepherd, how to prepare a flock for wildfire, training sheep to avoid “rope and hoist” milking, and other tales of life with small ruminants. 

 This Voices from the Field episode is part of NCAT’s “She’s Raising Sheep” podcast series. 

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