Episode 339. Ecological Agriculture with Christopher Sacco

This episode of Voices from the Field is an inspiring conversation with a trailblazer in ecological agriculture. In it, Gabriella Soto-Velez, an NCAT Agriculture Specialist in the Gulf States Region, sits down with Christopher Sacco, who needs no introduction for those familiar with sustainable agriculture practices. In 2009, Christopher laid the foundation for Groundswell International, a groundbreaking organization dedicated to empowering small-scale farmers and championing sustainable agriculture methods worldwide.

Fast forward to 2024, and Christopher has stepped away from the helm of Groundswell, but his support and passion for the organization’s mission remains steadfast. Christopher’s journey post-Groundswell led him to establish Aegis Conservation Ecology and Regenerative Development, a consulting firm at the forefront of promoting ecological agriculture and regenerative development.

Christopher and Gabriella delve deep into the heart of ecological agriculture, exploring its transformative potential, evolution, challenges, and pivotal role in shaping sustainable farming practices through the invaluable insights Christopher’s journey has allowed him to bring to the field.

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