Hereford cattle grazing on an ARS research range in Montana.

Episode 341. The Center for Grazinglands and Ranch Management: A Conversation

This week’s episode of Voices from the Field is a conversation about Texas A&M University’s Center for Grazinglands and Ranch Management, hosted by NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Darron Gaus.

The Center for Grazinglands and Ranch Management is a coordinated, system-wide effort at Texas A&M aimed at safeguarding the ecologic and economic resiliency of grazing-land resources and ranching operations.

The episode features a conversation between the center’s director, Jeff Goodwin, and Peggy Sechrist, a longtime educator for Holistic Management International, about the work being done at Texas A&M and how it will help graziers make profitable decisions.

Peggy is an organic beef pioneer in Texas. She and Darron are co-leaders of the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education’s Soil for Water Texas Working Group.

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