Cattle grazing in a silvopasture

Episode 352. Principles Before Practices with Jenny Pluhar

In this episode of Voices from the Field, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Darron Gaus joins Peggy Sechrist, a pioneer in the organic beef industry in Texas and a long- time Holistic Management International educator. 

Darron, who is based in Victoria, Texas, co-leads a working group with Peggy in Texas as part of NCAT’s Soil for Water Southern SARE project. That project includes some great conversations with members of the working group – a four-state team of producers, scientists, and universities trying to key in on some of the barriers keeping more operations from adopting regenerative grazing methods.  

Today’s conversation is between Peggy and Jenny Pluhar, Executive Director of the Texas Grazing Land Coalition, and ranch manager for Taylor Ranches in the panhandle of Texas. She is also the co-author of the book Texas Range Plants. Jenny details her work with the Texas Grazing Land Coalition and the new project the coalition is working on, called “Principles Before Practices.”  

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