Episode 145. Farmers Battling Lyme Disease. Part 1

In this episode of Voices from the Field, Devona Bell, NCAT director of sustainable agriculture and NCAT’s ATTRA sustainable agriculture program, talks with two farmers about the impact of Lyme Disease on agriculture.

Christine Pressman and her husband, Andy Pressman, own and operate Foggy Hill Farm, a sustainable produce operation near Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Dayna Burtness and her husband, Nick Nguyen, own and operate Nettle Valley Farm, a 70-acre farmstead near Spring Grove, Minnesota. Her main focus is finishing heritage breed hogs on pasture.

Christine, Dayna, and Devona all have contracted Lyme Disease, and they talk about the battle to overcome the disease, how it affects their families and farming operations, the food sensitivities it can bring, and strategies for coping with the ticks that carry the disease.

This episode is the first of a two-part series on Lyme Disease. Next week, Devona will Dr. Sunjya Schweig of the California Center for Functional Medicine about the issues involved with treating Lyme Disease.

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