Blue Ridge Health Farm Retreat

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Farm Address:
Blue Ridge Area
Blue Ridge Area, Virginia, 22901

Primary Contact: Chris
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Internship information
General Farm Description: Health Farm Retreat, Community Forming., Seeking Working Members, Interns and especially Residents. A working member is someone who takes full interest and profit share a well equipped farm in all its daily details. This is Not a j o b ! dont ask hours and pay and private bath. This is like being self employed w/o spending 1/2 million dollars. We work till the job is complete. not at the whistle. Communities providing food is the Future that has arrived. Rogue food Movement, farm pig roast, Glamping around private Lake. Rogue goat cheese, yogurt, milk all organic, educational, healing. Private membership to Private farm. Our Farm serves our guests and community with non cert organic veggie, berries, animal and Medicinal herb products. . Private Lake on a mountain river away from the road. Preparing for Farm Dinners starts now. Putting the finishing touches on 3 tiny houses and Yurt for BnB. Goat micro Dairy, berries, ducks, rabbits, and medicinal plant production are our focus. Lots of tools, tractors and hoop houses. Many irrigation systems to learn and operate. We take our goats on daily browse walks. We need to process milk within a herd share membership acc to Va law including developing a mkt and delivering weekly. We're especially interested in the healing benefits of raw, browse fed Goat Kiefer, L Rueteri yogurt. Goats are our Extinction Rebellion, as the world burns we can still produce proteins for our community. We also work to diminish invasive plants. 'no profit there or in river erosion control or conserving the wood from the demise of theAshe Tree, victim of invasive insects. Now the Oaks are on the precipice. We seek people who will take a great interest in the Revolution of Real Nutrient Dense Diverse Foods, Sunshine and Movement. You may have a particular interest and be a part of all farm systems. Over time, profit share is available, especially as the BnB picks up. Farming is not "hard" it is generally putting other tasks before your own comfort. We are constantly expanding, improving and maintaining the living and non living such as machines. Our Permaculture requires year round care to fruit. We also maintain and process ducks and rabbits."

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: Now
Internship Ends: When it's not fun anymore
Number of Internship Available: 4
Application Deadline: none
Minimum Length of Stay: each case considered upon contact, also depending on skills

Internship Details:

Begin Now, We grow all year. Fall and Winter prep is the most important time for Summer success!
Oct 23: prepping perennials for spring , putting up new hoops, improving infrastructure. Expanding irrigation, renovating a building w group kitchen
All aspects of seeding to selling, overlapping throughout the year, including processing into value added.  you will need to invest time and care in learning ropes.
Please include in your reply: age, gender, phone, car, pets, schedule, insurance, experience, where are you now, how many farms are you applying to, some savings? Please address us by our name so we’re not subject to mass intern requests  Robo mailings will receive robo responses.

Educational Opportunities: Why Farm? Why we grow what we do, Plant ID, native and invasive and our own introductions. Gardener Ergonomics, How to farm for a lifetime. Octogenarians are Agrarians. We are genetically 1% human, 99% microbes, playing in the dirt , Sun and wild places is essential for our health. Lots of machine maintenance,, building projects, care and use of tools thought to be but not yet obsolete Also much discussion and experience with Herbal medicine in Chinese, Ayurvedic and modern usage.

Skills Desired: Giving a Damn is the best attribute a farm helper can offer. It's not about You, It's keeping the Wheels Turning. There is no farm. There are only Farmers. We are happy to share and conduct experiments with you. Come Hungry, not broke

Meals: We're all about food and maintaining ourselves as well as all Farm Life. No processed food . No gmo's. All Organic

Stipend: After farm trial, commensurate w/ experience, care. Yes commission from fruits of your labor. Many income streams to glean from. Esp farm guests. Plus Food, The new currency.

Housing: Modest, weather permitting. There is also work to be done on infrastructure to improve for everyone’s comfort.

Preferred method of Contact: email