Chugach Farm

Contact information
Farm Address:
POB 1223
Chickaloon, Alaska, 99674

Primary Contact: Allie Barker
Secondary Contact: Jed Workman

Primary Phone:
    Number: 907-746-4566


Internship information
General Farm Description: We are an off-grid, small scale homestead farm located in the beautiful Matanuska Valley in Alaska. We focus on no-till, regenerative growing methods and produce a diversity of vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs. We grow enough food to feed our family year round, sell on our online platform, at the farmers market, and provide CSF (Community Supported Ferments) shares from May-October. Farmers markets/deliveries are bi-weekly and require helpers to rise early, harvest veggies and have prepared value added goods the day before. We rely heavily on root cellar storage, traditional food preservation techniques, hunting, fishing, berries and wild plants. Chickens and ducks are used for egg production, composting and preparing land for agriculture. Pigs clear land, fertilize, and and are available in our pig share program. In addition to outdoor beds, our growing capacity includes hoop houses, a wood fired seed-house and greenhouse with a wood-fired radiant heat system under the beds, and a 20x24 high tunnel. We focus on simple, low-cost methods of living using ingenuity. Examples are chain saw milling, in-bed hot water heat through heat exchanger wood stove, recycling and salvaging building materials.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: May 1
Internship Ends: October 1
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: Contact to fill out an application
Minimum Length of Stay: "2 months, full season preferred, or 2-3 days/week for local "

Internship Details:

Off Grid -Human Powered- Nutrient Dense- Small Scale- Beyond Organic Farm and Homestead.
Seeking motivated individuals passionate about growing and putting up food, learning new skills, working hard.
After reading all of this, if you are seriously interested, email us for more information.

Educational Opportunities: Spring projects include: Prepping growing area, building and fixing fence lines, prepping the gravity feed water system, installing pump for pond water, broad forking, composting, maintaining wood heat in the greenhouse, soil-blocking starts, chopping wood, making ferments, and other various tasks. Note that this farm opportunity is not limited to the growing area, but a large portion of your time should be invested in all the workings of a homestead. Summer projects include: Transplanting, seeding, weeding, watering, harvesting for market, making value added products, harvesting herbs and making medicine, canning and freezing, smoking salmon, making ferments, building and turning compost, brewing compost tea, care of chickens, ducks, pigs, mixing and preparing animal feed, building projects, etc. Fall Projects include: Vegetable harvest, berry picking, moose or caribou butchering and preserving, making ferments, brewing apple cider, food preservation and canning, clearing land for growing, cover cropping, laying silage tarps, chopping wood, and winterizing farm. Slaughter and processing of hogs in early Oct including traditional preservation techniques. Daily- taking care of pigs, making animal food for pigs, chickens, and ducks. Watering starts, maintaining gravity water system, managing and improving off grid systems. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also looking for individuals interested in coming to Chugach Farm with a structured symbiotic partnership fiefdom proposition. We are interested in creating community. If you have a tiny home, a business idea, and a desire to collaborate, GET IN TOUCH!

Skills Desired: farm experience natural building experience herbal medicine skills, knowledge, or interest

Meals: We provide garden veggies, eggs, and ferments for you to make your own meals. We are gluten-free.

Stipend: Yes, please ask.

Housing: Apprentice accommodations include either a 12x14 deluxe wall tent with wood stove and propane cook stove. OR- bring your own tiny home. Outhouse- no plumbing available. Sauna is available for washing and cleaning as well as an outdoor shower. Expect to haul water a few hundred yards to wall tent.

Preferred method of Contact: Phone or Email