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TNT Farm N Greenhouse

Contact information
Farm Address:
32367 Taos Ln.
Meadowview, Virginia , 24361

Primary Contact: Tamara McNaughton
Primary Phone:
    Number: 8282842877


Internship information
General Farm Description: TNT includes a half acre field, one 30x100 high tunnel, and greenhouse/nursery plant production with a 30x80' and a 14x80' greenhouse. TNT sits on an 80 acre holding. We grow mostly heirloom varieties of diverse vegetables, fruits, herbs, and a flowers while concentrating on a few main crops. 2021 will be TNT's tenth year in production. The greenhouse and nursery produces a large volume of transplants for on farm planting, for other farms in the region, and for home gardeners. We build and feed our soil and rotate crops to maximize the natural ecological processes in and around it. Another way we maximize growth is with planting by the biodynamic signs. We would like to include more BD approaches on our farm. We are a production farm albeit a microfarm. Our time is spent seeding, watering, planting, weeding, feeding, and playing along with nature to produce high quality food and plants. Two farmers markets and a couple restaurant accounts are what we are currently able to supply with our products. There is potential for additional markets and increased production with additional effort. Our primary purpose is to grow and sell the same high quality food for our community that we serve in our own homes. Our mission is to grow with adoration for the soil and appreciation for our customers and each other. Abingdon and Bristol VA/TN are nearby cities (within a half hour) where we have theater, breweries, yoga, and nightlife. Abundant outdoor activities exist nearby as well. Highway 81 is within five minutes of our farm with easy access. Asheville, Boone, Knoxville, and Blacksburg are within a three hour drive.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: March 2021 for interns. Earlier for Farm Manager.
Internship Ends: September 2021
Number of Internship Available: 3
Application Deadline: Open. Preferably by January 1 for Farm Manager applicants.
Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Internship Details:

We seek a Farm Manager and Interns who love working smart and hard in the garden and greenhouse for the 2021 season. The Farm Manager will have at least 2 full seasons of experience working on farms. Management experience is a major plus. Understanding of the overall operation of a small farm is essential. This is an opportunity for someone who is ready to take the lead on a fully operational minifarm established in it’s production and markets. I took a full time job growing plants for an innovative company in the area and I want TNT to continue serving the community; its vegetable and transplant needs. The Farm Manager will need to be able to take the lead with confidence; schedule and prioritize efforts; plan and prepare tools and resources for daily tasks; instruct and motivate others in tasks at hand; and generally dig being a bad*ss farm manager working alone and with others.
Short term and full season Interns are also needed for 2021. We seek people who enjoy hard work outside in all types of weather and the rewards that come with it. Our interns are self directed/motivated, easily take direction, like to work as a team and independently. Ideal candidates are self motivated creative problem solvers, applying themselves to learning the routines of the farm and patterns in nature so they can plug themselves into the flow of work and help things along with increasingly less direction as the season progresses. Previous experience as an intern isn’t necessary. You will need the passion to learn and desire to fully experience a farm because it is often tedious and grueling work with rewards only you can see the value in for yourself.

TNT provides:
1. Independent living space with shared bath, kitchen, and internet access.
2. $480 per week for at least 40 hours.
3. Produce for meals.
4. Additional incentives and agreements can be discussed/negotiated.
Farm Manager provides:
Full Season commitment March-September exact dates to be agreed upon.
An earlier winter start date is also a possibility.
At least forty hours per week to include:
1. Directing and performing various on farm tasks:
Greenhouse work: watering, mixing soil, seeding, transplanting, fertilizing, ID, good cultural controls, etc.
Field work: watering, seeding/planting, harvesting, good cultural practices, weed management, pest/disease management including spraying organic materials.
Post harvest handling: washing and packing for markets.
Maintenance of tools and work areas.
General farm upkeep and maintenance.
2. Courteous customer service:
Lead attendant at Tuesday evening and Saturday morning Farmers Markets.
Delivery to restaurant accounts.
3. Everything it takes to operate a small farm to your full capacity.

TNT provides:
1. Independent living space with shared bath, kitchen, and internet access.
2. $150 per week for at least 40 hours.
3. Produce and staples for meals.
4. Additional incentives and agreements can be discussed/negotiated.
Intern provides:
1. Forty hours, at least, per week performing various necessary farm tasks.
2. Tuesday and Friday help in picking and preparing for market.
3. Two Saturdays per month co-attending Farmers Market as needed to help with set up, sales, and take down.
4. Greenhouse work: mixing soil, seeding, transplanting, watering, fertilizing, ID, etc.
5. Field work: seeding/planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, etc.

The Farm Manager is a seriously motivated human with vision, a love of the outdoors, and tending productive land. I’m confident the right person could turn this farm into much more than I have established over the last nine years. Since I have taken a full time off-farm job, a person with substantial skills and experience who is seeking an autonomous farm management experience would be perfect. There’s a lot of potential for TNT and southwest Virginia. I have seen increased demand for fresh farm products here over the last several years and the growth of this little farm is limited only by the physical and mental ability of the people who work this land. By managing the infrastructure, resources, established processes and procedures of TNT while maintaining the product line and customer base a person could test the waters of owning their own operation. Think of it as an incubation of your own operation supported by infrastructure, operational processes and resources, and a great community.

Educational Opportunities: Various opportunities on the farm, other farms, and with organizations in the region.

Skills Desired: Greenhouse management, organic vegetable production

Meals: Produce for meals on your own and with the team. A couple meals a week are made for everyone.

Stipend: $480:week for Farm Manager negotiable depending on experience. $150:week for Interns.

Housing: Yes, Independent living space with shared bathroom, kitchenette, internet, etc.

Preferred method of Contact: email at first