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Farm Address:

Independence , Kentucky , 23093

Position Description:
"We are looking for an apprentice on our small, sustainable vegetable farm in Northern KY. The ideal candidate for this position is enthusiastic about sustainable agriculture and interested in farming as a possible career, is excited about the free exercise and fresh air you'll get working outside, is a natural learner and loves the satisfaction of hard work, is a great communicator and gets along well with others, wants more than just a job, wants to work at something meaningful. As an apprentice on our farm you will learn the in's and out's of growing excellent produce for the direct...
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Internship Starts: 3/25/2019
Internship Ends: 11/15/2019

Farm Address:
714 Pike Lane
Lancaster , Kentucky , 40444

Position Description:
"Pike Valley Farm's internship program provides training in all areas of our diversified operation. This is a working farm, and you can expect to work hard if you want to get the most out of this experience. Interns will be expected to work 55 hrs/wk, in conditions that are challenging and physically demanding. Having said all this, we are committed to education and seeing our interns excel in the world of farming. If you are selected, we will do whatever it takes to see you leave ready to run a farm. Several interns have stayed with us following their internships...
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Internship Starts: NOW
Internship Ends: Four Month Internship

Farm Address:
8707 Breeding Road
Edmonton , Kentucky , 12581

Position Description:
"We welcome both short and long term guests here. We believe strongly that anyone should be able to have an on farm immersion experience. whether you can come for 2 weeks, 2 months, or a full season we can integrate you into our diverse operation and offer a fine taste of a small, sustainable, family farm in rural Kentucky. We offer full board, accommodation on the farm, and a host of educational opportunities in exchange for reasonable work days."

Internship Starts: 3/1/2017
Internship Ends: 11/15/2017

Farm Address:
8905 Hwy 329

Crestwood , Kentucky , 98325

Position Description:

Internship Starts: 17-Apr-17
Internship Ends: 18-Nov-17

Farm Address:
950 Rack Creek Road
Gamaliel , Kentucky , 14886

Position Description:
"Our internship program fits well with individuals who are self motivated, resourceful, hard working, passionate, sensitive, and love the thought of learning how to live in the country. Whether simply wanting to know how to grow your own food or having a sincere desire to run your own farm some day this is a wonderful opportunity. Over 50% of our previous interns have gone on to operate their own farm to one extent or another."

Internship Starts: 4/15/2016
Internship Ends: 11/1/2016

Farm Address:
2440 Popham Rd
Rhodelia , Kentucky , 40161

Position Description:
"We are looking for someone who is energetic and enthusiastic about farming, food and community. Apprentices will share in all tasks and chores related to all farming activities, and will work alongside us to leave the opportunity for questions and discussions. We are excited to learn and grow together. "

Internship Starts: 1-Mar
Internship Ends: Flexible