Mike Morris

Southwest Regional Director
Southwest Regional Office

Topic Areas: Business Planning and Marketing, Farm Energy, Local Foods, Soil Health

Specific Areas of Expertise: Water conservation, irrigation efficiency, cover crops, organic certification and production, crop insurance, soil health, support for beginning farmers, renewable energy

Mike Morris is a prolific grant writer, author, and project developer who has launched and led over 30 projects for the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), on diverse topics such as irrigation efficiency, solar energy, organic farming, soil health, local food, and crop insurance reform. He enjoys collaborating with grassroots groups, state and federal agencies, utilities, and university researchers, and his recent work has focused on regenerative agriculture and its potential to mitigate water scarcity and climate change. Before joining NCAT in 1999, Mike earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh and taught courses on ethics, technology, and the environment at colleges and universities around the country. After working at NCAT offices in Montana, California, and North Carolina, he opened our Southwest Regional Office in San Antonio in 2010. Sometimes called NCAT’s unofficial historian, Mike is fascinated and inspired by the appropriate technology movement that gave birth to NCAT in the 1970s. He currently lives in Durango, Colorado, where in his spare time he enjoys hiking, fly fishing, birding, and nature study of all kinds.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Carleton College
Master of Arts and Ph.D. (1985) in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh

Featured Publications and Presentations:

Soil for Water: an Initiative to Catch and Hold More Water in Soil. NCAT Soil Health Innovations Conference, 2021

Is Organic Farming Risky? Improving Crop Insurance for Organic Farms

Who Are the Organic Farmers of Texas?

The Irrigator’s Pocket Guide NCAT, 2003 – present, 13 state-specific editions


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