Organic Dairy Farmers in New England Indicate Willingness to Use Methane-Reducing Seaweed Feed

A study published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science surveyed organic dairy farmers in Maine about their willingness to pay extra for methane-reducing seaweed feed. Researchers from the University of New Hampshire and researchers in Maine conducted a trial in which they fed 6% red seaweed to dairy cows, reducing methane production by 13.9% without affecting milk production and quality. A survey of 35 Maine organic dairy farmers revealed that nearly one-third were already using seaweed-based feeds, and nearly half indicated their willingness to pay as much as 64 cents extra per day, per cow, for methane-reducing seaweed-based feed. However, farmers indicated that they would only consider using the seaweed-based feed if it was cost effective, didn’t require them to adopt new feeding practices, and would qualify them for government policies and subsidies.