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Extreme Heat: Don’t Let Summer Be a Bummer

By Luz Ballesteros Gonzalez and Darron Gaus, NCAT Agriculture…
Sistla Sheep

Episode 216. Sheep and the Sun: Solar Grazing with Lexie Hain

Got sheep (or other livestock)? This week, we're spotlighting…
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Integrating Pastured Quail into a Whole-Farm System

Diversity is a key insurance strategy on many farms, as multiple revenue streams can help keep a farm more stable in trying times. Most successful farmers I know employ this strategy and they are always on the lookout for new, higher-value enterprises to try out. The same is true on my farm in Kentucky. Last year, a restaurant client asked if we could raise pastured quail for their menu. They currently purchase 600 quail annually but believe that locally sourced quail will double their annual demand. 
By Mike Lewis, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist

Novel Nutrient Management Method: Applying Poultry Litter in Subsurface Bands

Getting nutrients right in farming is a balancing act. When planning to apply fertilizers and soil amendments, farmers must consider their soil type, climate, the time of year, the crops they are raising, water availability, soil health, water quality concerns, and the nuances of the many different macro- and micronutrients that plants require. The way nutrients are applied is also an important consideration.
By Nina Prater, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist

Getting Started in Livestock: Lessons Learned

By Linda Coffey, NCAT Livestock Specialist Thinking back to…

Farm Equipment and Infrastructure

I want to share with you a few pieces of infrastructure and equipment we have on our farm, why they work for us, and ways they don’t work. I always find it helpful to see how other farmers feed and water their animals. Maybe you will get ideas that you can implement on your farm—or you can send me ideas for improvement.
By Margo Hale, NCAT Southeast Regional Director, Armed to Farm Program Director, and Agriculture Specialist

Getting Started with Livestock

My day begins with a hot cup of coffee and a quick check of our farm. What a thrill to find a new baby calf from our Belted Galloways, to watch the antics of our pig, to have my girls gather farm-fresh eggs, and to watch the goats grazing. Livestock bring life to the farm!
By Margo Hale, NCAT Southeast Regional Director, Armed to Farm Program Director, and Agriculture Specialist

Managing Rotational Grazing for Pigs and Poultry

In this video, Lee Rinehart, a sustainable agriculture expert…
Ann Baier

Processing Poultry Meat for Sale: The Right Approach for Your Farm?

Beginning poultry producers commonly ask How do I navigate poultry processing regulations for selling poultry meat? or Does it make more sense to process my broilers on-farm or to take them to a processing facility?
By Ann Baier, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist

Weekly Wednesday Workshop: Multi-Species Livestock Production

In this episode of Weekly Wednesday Workshop, Felicia Bell, NCAT…

Mobile Chicken Coop Designs

Mobile coops help chickens contribute to soil fertility on the…
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Sustainable Poultry Production

Felicia Bell, a sustainable agriculture specialist with the National…