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Virtual Farm Tour: Risk Management at Uncle Jerry’s Farm

Hear from farmer Deborah Coleman about her farm, Uncle Jerry’s…

Episode 219. Soil Health: the Land Core Approach to Climate Mitigation

In this episode of Voices from the Field, NCAT Agricultural and…
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Risk Management in the Real World

It is always challenging to be a farmer, with so many things outside our control: the weather, of course, but customers, markets, and supply chains can also shift as unpredictably as the summer rain.
By Nina Prater, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist

Weekly Wednesday Webinar: Barbara Shipman

In this episode, Felicia Bell, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist…

Safety Nets and the Polar Vortex

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the polar vortex that hit the United States in mid-February: leaving people in Texas without power for up to two weeks, coming within five minutes of crashing the entire Texas power grid, and devastating farms and ranches across the state, including some good friends of mine. It was a “teachable moment” for sure, offering lessons about climate disruption and power industry deregulation among other things. As someone who spent several years working on improving crop insurance for organic farms, the storm also got me thinking about safety nets: who has them and why some people don’t.
By Mike Morris, NCAT Southwest Regional Director
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The Science and Black Art of Product Pricing

In this webinar, Gail Nickel-Kailing, an experienced food marketing…
mixed produce including carrots, peppers, purple cabbage, cauliflower, and more

Exploring Wholesale Markets with Ellen Polishuk: How Low Can You Go?

The first question when you're looking at a new wholesale channel…

How Farmers and Ranchers Can Find Recovery Assistance and Plan for Resilience

The farmers' path to recovery will be long and hard, but they will not be alone. We know our region is one of many farming communities across the country impacted by storms, fires, and other disasters this season. If you have been recently affected, here are some ways to learn about and seek disaster assistance for relief and recovery.
By Ann Baier, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist
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Customer Pickup: COVID and Sustainable Ag

NCAT’s ATTRA Agriculture Specialists are producing short videos…

Farmers on COVID 19: Let’s Learn from Each Other

On March, 30, 2020 The Virginia Association for Biological Farming…