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Cow at frozen pond

Providing Water to Livestock in Frigid Weather

Weather events bring all sorts of challenges to livestock producers, but perhaps none more than severe winter weather. The bitterly cold temperatures in February 2021 sparked a conversation among NCAT Livestock Specialists about how we provide water to stock during such times.
By Linda Coffey, Margo Hale, and Dave Scott, NCAT Livestock Specialists
Bianca Moebius-Clune

Moebius-Clune and Soil “Livestock”

Dr. Bianca Moebius-Clune sees soil as a living ecosystem whose critters need attention, just like the animals in any agriculture operation. 'Every one of you who's a farmer or even a gardener has livestock, because your livestock are in the soil, and you wouldn't think to not feed them,' Dr. Bianca Moebius-Clune said recently to producers in Kansas.
By Rich Myers, NCAT Outreach Specialist
tomatoesUSDA photo by Lance Cheung

The Art of Trench Composting

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Test Driving the New LandPKS Land Monitoring App

In my work on NCAT’s Soil for Water Project, I’ve tried a lot of different ways of monitoring land and soil health. For years, I’ve been hearing about LandPKS (Land Potential Knowledge System), a mobile app that has been under development by the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) since 2013. I was excited to hear that a full version was released earlier this year, and a couple weeks ago I finally got around to installing the app on my phone and running it through some tests.
By Mike Morris, Director of NCAT’s Southwest Regional Office

Overgrazing and the Maturing of an Adaptive Grazing Thought Process

Close to 20 years ago, we noticed a discouraging event slowly unfolding on our pivot-irrigated pasture of 12 acres: The first 120 feet of the pasture starting from the pivot point was producing less and less grass in comparison to the remaining perimeter of the pivot.
By Dave Scott, NCAT Livestock Specialist

Infiltration Ring with Ray Archuleta

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Episode 168. Water Quality Trading

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dicot seedling with water droplet on one leaf, on a background of soil

Episode 164. Soil Sessions: Understanding Soil pH

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swirling water in landscapeNCAT

Payments for Ecosystem Services. Part 3. Water Quality Trading

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