Episode 202. Ag Strategies for Ogallala Aquifer. Part 2

This episode of Voices from the Field is the second of a two-part discussion with Kara Kroeger, a sustainable agriculture specialist with the National Center for Appropriate Technology’s Southwest Regional Office in San Antonio, Texas, and Dr. Chris Grotegut of Hereford, Texas, which is located in the Texas Panhandle.

Chris is a veterinarian, farmer, and stockman, as well as a cutting-edge producer of organic crops and livestock. Hereford has rich agricultural history that is fueled by the waters of Ogallala Aquifer, which has been in perilous decline over the past hundred years as land has been plowed for row cropping and cattle feedlots. This decline is a serious threat to the longevity of many producers in the Texas Panhandle and beyond.

In this podcast series, Chris and Kara discuss the success he has had in shifting his management and marketing strategies to protect the playas that recharge the Ogallala Aquifer and the water future of the region for the next generation of agriculture producers.

This episode focuses on the obstacles and opportunities Chris has seen as he changed his practices. The first half of the discussion was centered on the history of the Ogallala Aquifer and Chris’ strategies for using playas to help recharge the aquifer. The link to that episode is included in the notes below.

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