A sheep stands under a solar array

AgriSolar, or agrivoltaics, is the co-location of solar power with appropriate agricultural land.

There are tremendous benefits of pairing solar and agriculture. As America’s appetite for sustainably grown products and renewable energy continues to increase, agrisolar has the potential to provide both resources. AgriSolar, when done right, is a win-win.

The benefits of co-locating solar with appropriate agricultural land include: Producing food, conserving ecosystems, creating renewable energy, increasing pollinator habitat, and maximizing farm revenue.

NCAT launched the nation’s first AgriSolar Clearinghouse to connect farmers, ranchers, land managers, solar developers, and researchers with trusted, practical information to increase the appropriate co-location of solar and agriculture.

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Stacie Peterson

Stacie Peterson

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sheep standing under solar panels
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A sheep stands under a solar array