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Episode 290. Highlights from the Field, 2022

This special edition of Voices from the Field takes a look back at some highlights from the podcast during 2022. It was a great year for Voices from the Field, with 50 interesting conversations and loads of practical information running the gamut of sustainable-agriculture topics. 

We’re honored that Voices from the Field has become a trusted source of information about sustainable agriculture and renewable energy since it began more than five years ago, with thousands of subscribers adding it to their weekly downloads. 

Featured Podcasts: 

NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialists Felicia Bell and Justin Duncan take a look at the traditional family agricultural methods that were passed down to them, and how they parallel indigenous practices. 

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NCAT Director of Communications Emilie Ritter and NCAT Community Food Systems Specialist Maura Henn talk about the sometimes unexpected beneficial impacts of famers markets. 

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NCAT ATTRA Program Director Margo Hale talks with Charley Jordan, a military veteran and flower farmer in Tennessee, about how he came to begin a flower-growing operation and his passion for horticulture therapy and using agriculture as a tool to help others heal. 

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NCAT Energy Program Director Stacie Peterson has a conversation with Meg Caley, Executive Director and co-founder of Colorado nonprofit Sprout City Farms. Among its partnerships, Sprout City Farms works with Jack’s Solar Garden in Longmont, Colorado, growing crops in the spaces between solar panels at the site, which is now the largest agrivoltaic research facility of its kind in the United States. 

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