Weed Control

KnapweedWeeds are the biggest pest challenge farmers face worldwide, causing more yield loss and production costs to farmers than insect pests, plant diseases, nematodes, or vertebrate pests.

Herbicides alone make up more than half of all pesticides (insecticides, bactericides, fungicides, rodenticides) used worldwide.

Weeds compete with crops for light, water, nutrients, and space. They can contaminate the harvest and harbor insect pests and diseases, some of which are poisonous to livestock and humans.

Many weeds produce large quantities of seeds or reproduce vegetatively and can be dispersed by water, wind, machinery, animals, and humans. Therefore, growers must be especially knowledgeable of their weed complex and employ a variety of weedcontrol methods, including, cultivation, crop rotation, cover crops, biosolarization/solarization, flaming, mowing, mulching, and herbicide applications.

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Martin Guerena

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