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As managers of ag lands, we farm surrounded by countless wildlife, with which we share our land and water and other natural resources. Some wildlife species are beneficial (such as pollinators, or raptors that eat grasshoppers or voles), most are benign, and a few can be harmful to our crops. How might we best steward the land so wildlife things can flourish at the same time our businesses do? 

Conserving wildlife habitat may offer options for direct income streams for landowners, as well. Ecotourism, farm-stay programs, and the marketing of hunting, bird-watching, wildflower walks, or wildcrafting weekends are all enterprises that might garner revenue for people who farm with wildlife in mind. Land stewards might qualify for direct payments for providing wildlife habitat, or you might find conservation partners willing to fund land improvements that benefit wildlife along with your primary ag products, such as livestock or row crops. 

In this section, you’ll find practical ATTRA resources related to managing wildlife on your lands. 

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