A Risk-Management Conversation with Daphne Snow of Choctaw Fresh Produce in Mississippi, Part 1

Felicia Bell, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist at the Gulf States Regional Office in Jackson, Mississippi, has been hosting an online series of workshops, “Weekly Wednesday Workshops.” This workshop series, part of NCAT’s ATTRA sustainable-agriculture program, is designed to help farmers strengthen the resilience of their operations through marketing, the diversification of enterprises, and sustainable production practices. Though the series was begun during the COVID-19 pandemic, the information in these online workshops is pertinent whether or not a pandemic is taking place.

This video is the first half of a conversation about risk management between Felicia and Daphne Snow, the produce manager of Choctaw Fresh Produce in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Find the second half of the conversation here.

This video is produced by the National Center for Appropriate Technology through the ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture program, under a cooperative agreement with USDA Rural Development. ATTRA.NCAT.ORG. This video was also made possible in part by funding from the Southern Risk Management Education Center (SRMEC). Please complete a brief survey to let us know what you think of the video.