A pawpaw forest farming system with an overstory of native trees and an understory of pawpaw trees, in Nashville, Tennessee.
Food Forest at the Education Fund.
Workers tending to tomatoes in a greenhouse.
Sign at Mad Farm

Practicing Resurrection: Using Green Manures on a Small Semi-Urban Homestead

By Lee Rinehart, NCAT Agriculture Specialist The garden entrance…

Urban Agroforestry Video Series

In this 11-part video series, we explore the many different facets…
Arbusto de arándanosWikimedia

Maces Pond: Agrisolar Wild Blueberries

By Chris Lent, NCAT Agriculture Specialist Not far from the…
Olive trees in a vineyard agroforestry system provide shade to Malbec vines below, protecting them from extreme heat and sunburn.

Agroforestry and Agrivoltaics: Two Appropriate Technologies for Smart Shade on Farms

By Katherine Favor, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Farming…
Wind farm in Judith Gap, Montana.

15 Years of Change – A Brief Overview of Changes to Montana’s Small Grain Cropping Systems 2007-2022

By Andrew Coggins, NCAT Rocky Mountain West Regional Director Changes…