Episode 150. Glyphosate Contamination

In this episode of Voices from the Field, Jeff Schahczenski,…
Guy Ames, NCAT

Peach Leaf Curl

I’m seeing peach leaf curl in my orchard. It’s April, but the calendar date is not as important as the growth stage of the peaches.
By Guy K. Ames
NCAT Horticulture Specialist In Northwest Arkansas
boxes of peaches at a farmers market with a sign reading Fresh Peaches

What is Peach Leaf Curl?

In springtime, peach growers will see the last remnants of the…
pepper plants

Using Raised Beds to Increase Your Harvest

When I am faced with a less than ideal growing situation, rather than fight with Nature, I'll build a raised bed. I've built many of them over the years to suit different purposes.
By Justin C. Duncan
NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist

Episode 144. A Flower Farm Blossoms

In this episode of Voices from the Field, Tammy Howard, an agriculture…

Seed Starting: COVID and Sustainable Ag

NCAT’s ATTRA Agriculture Specialists are producing short videos…

Elderberries: Easy to Grow Medicine

I can hardly think of a perennial fruit easier to grow than elderberries. And I can hardly think of a food item with a stronger claim to health benefits. Coupling the ease of growing with this fruit’s new popularity as an effective medicine, this could be an opportune time for growers to consider establishing an elderberry planting for their family, or perhaps, more ambitiously, a commercial venture.
By Guy K. Ames, NCAT Horticulture Specialist

Episode 142. Soil Considerations for Orchards

Today's episode of Voices from the Field focuses on soil considerations…

Practices Supporting Sustainable and Economic Cotton Production

This webinar discusses conservation practices available to cotton…
germinating seeds

How to: Start your own Seed Library

Seed libraries make seed available, free of charge. Folks can…