Conservation Hedgerows at Terranova Ranch

Terranova Ranch is dedicated to producing more than 25 premium quality crops as effectively, productively, and sustainably as possible in the central San Joaquin Valley of California. Toward that end, they have implemented a wide variety of conservation and regenerative agriculture practices, including sustainable irrigation practices and conservation hedgerows.

In this video, Don Cameron, General Manager and Vice President of Terranova Ranch, discusses conservation hedgerows — including their benefits and challenges — along with dos and don’ts for hedgerow design and installation. Two years after planting the hedgerows, Don saw a wide variety of positive changes at the ranch, including increased biodiversity, more beneficial insects and pollinators, reduced erosion, and increased aesthetic value. He already has two miles of hedgerows planted, and he’s looking to plant even more.

This video is produced by the National Center for Appropriate Technology through the ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture program, under a cooperative agreement with USDA Rural Development. ATTRA.NCAT.ORG.