Disaster Assistance for Ag Producers

hurricaneBelow we offer numerous links to NCAT and ATTRA resources, federal and state resources, nonprofit groups, aid organizations, and publications focusing on assistance available to farmers and the rural poor in the wake of hurricanes, floods, droughts, or other natural disasters.

NCAT and ATTRA Resources

  • Drought Presentations and Resource Guide
    Three PowerPoint presentations focus on how to manage your cropland, pastures, or rangeland in good years, in order to minimize the impacts of drought when it occurs. Another three presentations discuss management practices that may be used during or following a drought. The Resource Guide provides a comprehensive text and Web-based materials, listed according to topics covered in the PowerPoint presentations.
  • California Drought Programs and Resources
    This brief publication lists support programs and resources geared specifically to the California drought, but it also contains links and information to national resources good for the whole country.
  • Drought and Disaster Resources for Texas Producers
    This brief publication lists and explains a selection of resources available to Texas producers from various agencies at both the state and national levels.
  • Crop Insurance Options for Specialty, Diversified, and Organic Farmers
    This publication reviews federally subsidized crop insurance, with special attention to options available to specialty, diversified, and organic farmers. This publication gives several examples of using alternative crop-insurance policies that can offer some degree of protection from significant market-price changes and the multiple perils of farming that can impact yield.
  • Primer on Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Crop Insurance: Updates for 2018
    This publication provides an overview of a novel crop insurance product called Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP). This policy provides revenue protection for all crop and livestock products produced by a farm or ranch.
  • Organic Farming and Crop Insurance Options
    This recorded one-hour webinar presents the history, opportunities, and challenges with using federal crop insurance policies to protect yield and price risks associated with transitioning and certified organic agriculture.
  • Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches, and Communities
    This guide is written for anyone seeking help from federal programs to foster innovative enterprises in agriculture and forestry in the United States. This edition constitutes the guide’s fifth printing and third complete update, incorporating programs from the 2008 Farm Bill.


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