Managing Soils for Water: How Five Principles of Soil Health Support Water Infiltration and Storage


Worldwide, water is becoming scarcer and more expensive due to the effects of climate change. Signifi cant adaptation will be necessary to ensure adequate supply and efficient use of a diminishing resource. This reduction in the supply of water will affect agriculture and will require a change in focus from increasing productivity of land to increasing productivity per unit of water consumed. The need for increased water-use efficiency will be arising in a changing climate that will create abrupt fluctuations of temperature, precipitation patterns, drought, heat waves, stronger storms, flooding, wild fires, and pest outbreaks. Our soils, and our soil management, are not ready to meet these additional stresses.
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Table of Contents

Attaining Healthy Soils
Soils, Organic Matter, and Water
Why You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure
Soil Health and the Future of Farming
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