Episode 244. She’s Raising Sheep: Indiana’s Denice Rackley

This episode of Voices from the Field is the first in a five-part  series about women raising sheep. The She’s Raising Sheep series features practical tips for starting and growing a profitable sheep business, plus we’ll have some laughs along the way.

Indiana farmer Denice Rackley talks with NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist Linda Poole and shares her journey from a city girl with a dream of raising livestock, to a woman living that dream with her woolly flock and Border collie sidekicks on an Indiana farm.  

Denice touches on how she chose which breeds to raise and shares insider tips for building a profitable sheep business. Listen, learn and have a couple of laughs as Denice talks about her experiences as a woman working alone in animal agriculture. Spoiler alert: You might want a good stockdog and another income while getting started. 


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