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Episode 148. Small (Ruminant) Talk: Springtime

In this episode of Voices from the Field, NCAT Southeast Regional Director Margo Hale talks with Linda Coffey, an NCAT livestock specialist, about springtime on their farms.  Both Margo and Linda are specialists with NCAT’s ATTRA sustainable-agriculture program, among other duties, out of NCAT’s office in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and they both farm in Prairie Grove, Arkansas.

Their discussion includes grazing, kidding, watching for parasites, dairy goats, and Linda’s new livestock guardian dog puppy. Margo also points listeners to ATTRA resources, including the page dedicated to COVID-19 resources on NCAT’s ATTRA sustainable-agriculture website.

For more information on this topic, you can contact Margo Hale directly via email margoh@ncat.org and Linda Coffey at lindac@ncat.org.

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Other Resources

Food Animal Concerns Trust webinars (See “Pasture Based Systems”) Please call ATTRA with any and all of your sustainable agriculture questions at 800-346-9140 or e-mail us at askanag@ncat.org. Our two dozen specialists can help you with a vast array of topics, everything from farm planning to pest management, from produce to livestock, and soils to aquaculture.

You can also stay in touch with NCAT at its Facebook page.