Episode 213. Using Drones in Agriculture

In this episode of Voices from the Field, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Colin Mitchell talks with Matt Kutugata about using drones in agriculture. Before Matt started pursuing his Ph.D. in Agronomy from Texas A&M, he worked with Colin and the rest of NCAT’s Southwest Regional office team on the Subtropical Soil Health Initiative as a graduate researcher at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.

Much of Matt’s research has been driven by data gathered by drones. He and Colin discuss ways drones increasingly are being used in agriculture, including scouting agricultural operations and using multispectral cameras to monitor cover crops.

This podcast was produced by the National Center for Appropriate Technology through the ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture program, under a cooperative agreement with USDA Rural Development. This podcast was also made possible in part by funding from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Innovation Grant #69-3A75-17-281. ATTRA.NCAT.ORG.

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