Harvesting the Sun

Across the country, farmers, landowners, researchers, and solar companies are working together to harvest the sun twice: once with crops, honey, pollinators, and forage for grazing animals — and again with solar panels. This co-location of solar and agriculture is known as agrisolar or agrivoltaics.

In the short film Harvesting the Sun, the leading voices of the agrivoltaic movement come together to share their stories and shine a light on a climate solution that can increase farm profitability, save valuable water, improve the soil, provide shade for farm workers, develop valuable ecosystem services, and increase the resiliency of rural communities.

Harvesting the Sun is housed on the AgriSolar Clearinghouse — a nationwide hub developed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology to connect businesses, landowners, and researchers with trusted resources to support the growth of co-located solar and sustainable agriculture.

If you would like to contribute to NCAT’s development of an Agrisolar Center to continue this work, contact us at agrisolar@ncat.org.