Linda CoffeyLinda Coffey

Livestock Specialist
Southeast Regional Office

Topic Areas:
Livestock, Organic Livestock

Specific Areas of Expertise:
Grazing, internal parasite management in sheep and goats, small ruminants, livestock guardian dogs, multispecies grazing

Linda Coffey was born and raised near Westphalia, Missouri, on a Century Farm where her family has raised livestock since 1861. Growing up on the farm and helping to raise food and explore the woods and pastures and creek fostered a love of nature and agriculture that is still strong. Majoring in Animal Science at the University of Missouri enabled Linda to meet Dr. Ron Morrow and Dr. Jim Gerrish, and to learn about grazing management from two of the best. An internship at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, Idaho, was a unique and enjoyable experience and gave Linda a look at how sheep are raised in the West. Since leaving home, Linda and her husband and children have raised sheep in Kansas (10 years) and in Arkansas (since 1996). Dairy goats were added in 2001 and remain a passion of Linda’s. Hogs, calves, and chickens are sometimes a part of the farm, as well. It has been a privilege and blessing to be involved in agriculture personally and to assist clients with their sheep and goat questions. That work has been greatly improved by Linda’s participation in the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (see and the scientists, veterinarians, and educators in the group who generously share their knowledge of this vital area for sheep and goat producers. Grazing management and soil health are even more important areas for those raising livestock, and Linda is passionate about learning and teaching about those topics as well. Linda is thankful for her NCAT coworkers, who are outstanding, smart, practical, knowledgeable teachers and are approachable and friendly.

Featured Publications and Presentations:
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