Community Supported Agriculture


Table of Contents

Why CSA?
Before Starting a CSA
Structuring the Share
Marketing a CSA
Making a Member Agreement
Communicate with Members
Variations to the Traditional CSA Model
The Future of CSA
Further Resources

The 2006 version of ATTRA’s Community Supported Agriculture, by Katherine Adam, focused on sharing pertinent research data with farmers. This updated version focuses on why community supported agriculture can help farm businesses and how a farm can integrate community supported agriculture into its business model.



Since its introduction to the United States, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has been a model for connecting people with where their food comes from. By encouraging customers to become shareholders in the farm business, CSA gives farmers a chance to spread both the risks and the rewards of farming across a larger community. This publication provides a foundation and tools for farmers looking to begin a CSA operation. It also explores many variations to the traditional model that have developed over the last generation and looks into what the future might hold for CSA.
Updated November 2019

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