The California Microirrigation Pocket Guide

By Mike Morris, NCAT Agriculture Specialist


Low-pressure drip and microsprinkler irrigation systems (collectively called “microirrigation”) can be highly efficient in their use of water and energy but require intensive management and maintenance. With input from experts around California, NCAT created The California Microirrigation Pocket Guide over a decade ago. Like the original, this new version still covers the basics of maintaining pumps and motors, dealing with leaks and clogging, measuring soil moisture, determining crop water needs, and so on but gives greater attention to improving soil health. Anyone who is considering microirrigation or wants to run an existing system more efficiently will find the book useful—whether or not they live in California.

The System Management & Maintenance half of this updated guidebook explains how to manage and maintain a microirrigation system. The Pumps, Motors & Engines half provides descriptions and diagrams of recommended pumping plant installations, suggestions for improving water and energy efficiency, and detailed instructions for equipment maintenance.

A limited number of print copies are available, in a convenient 4″x 6″ format with durable waterproof covers. It includes useful diagrams and tables, handy conversions and formulas, and irrigation guidelines for many common crops. To request a copy, email, or call 1-800-346-9140.

Or, download the guide here:

The California Microirrigation Pocket Guide: System Management & Maintenance

The California Microirrigation Pocket Guide: Pumps, Motors & Engines

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