The New Mexico Irrigator’s Pocket Guide

By Mike Morris, NCAT Agriculture Specialist


Over the two decades since it first appeared in 2003, this take-to-the-field guidebook has evolved through over a dozen editions with comments and advice from irrigation experts around the country. Besides the usual updates and corrections, this new version puts greater emphasis on the importance of soil health. Recent advances in soil science have taught us a great deal about how biologically dead or depleted soils can be brought back to life. When soils get healthier, they catch and hold more water—sometimes a lot more. Taking care of soil health should therefore be a high priority for all irrigators.

The Equipment Maintenance half of the book features exceedingly clear and detailed maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for pumps, motors, engines, control panels, and distribution systems. The Water Management guide on the other side of the book provides a step-by-step guide to irrigation water management for sprinkler, surface, and microirrigation systems.

A limited number of print copies are available, in a convenient 4″x 6″ format with durable waterproof covers. It includes useful diagrams and tables, handy conversions and formulas, and irrigation guidelines for many common crops. To request a copy, email, or call 1-800-346-9140.

Or, download the guide here:

The New Mexico Irrigator’s Guide: Water Management

The New Mexico Irrigator’s Guide: Equipment Maintenance

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