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Extreme Heat: Don’t Let Summer Be a Bummer

By Luz Ballesteros Gonzalez and Darron Gaus, NCAT Agriculture…
Sistla Sheep

Episode 216. Sheep and the Sun: Solar Grazing with Lexie Hain

Got sheep (or other livestock)? This week, we're spotlighting…

Demystifying Regenerative Grazing and Soil Health: A Virtual Workshop

In this workshop, we hear from NCAT’s Nina Prater, Justin Morris,…

Regenerative Grazing: An Introduction

In this video, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Justin…

Episode 251. She’s Raising Sheep: California Shepherd Lani Estill

Lani Estill has built a good life and strong business around fine-wool sheep on the California-Nevada border. Far from a one-woman enterprise, running 3,000 Rambouillet sheep across a half-million acres of public and private lands involves Lani’s family and contract herders.
Lani Estill and Linda Poole

NCAT Webinar Series Addresses Advanced Grazing

Did you know that the most important livestock on your farm are the ones you never purchased and, in most cases, have rarely, if ever, seen? These livestock, along with plant roots, play an essential role in improving soil health, which is the foundation of any agricultural operation. But what is soil health and how does one go about improving it? The NCAT four-part webinar series Advanced Grazing for Regenerating Soils and Enhancing Animal Nutrition begins by addressing this question. 
Justin Morris, NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist, and  Lee Rinehart, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist 

Reflections from a Shortgrass Prairie

Erik Tucker has been ranching in Southeast Colorado since his early 20s, and although he didn’t grow up on a ranch, he has long felt  that the old way of ranching just wasn’t working. He likes to observe the sunshine, rain, and natural processes of the world that culminate in pastures and healthy cattle. He knows livestock didn’t always need so much handling, especially when bison freely roamed the area. He often thinks about those times and wonders if they can be recreated in their efficiency.
By Hernán Colmenero, Sustainable Food Consultant

Episode 247. She’s Raising Sheep: Montana Shepherd Becky Weed

This episode of Voices from the Field continues ATTRA’s podcast series on women shepherds, “She’s Raising Sheep.” Becky Weed talks with NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist Linda Poole about the role of sheep in “farming as if nature matters.” Becky and her husband Dave Tyler run 80 crossbred long-wool ewes in Montana’s Gallatin Valley, at 13 Mile Lamb and Wool Company.
Linda Poole and Becky Weed

Episode 246. She’s Raising Sheep: New Zealand Shepherd Bev Trowbridge

This episode of Voices from the Field introduces us to New Zealand shepherd Bev Trowbridge. It’s the latest in ATTRA’s five-part series “She’s Raising Sheep.” Trained as an agroecologist in the United Kingdom, Bev has raised heritage sheep and small-frame cattle on New Zealand’s North Island for two decades. Bev tells NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist Linda Poole that “sheep are the best biostimulants you could have” to improve soil health, water quality, and biodiversity.
Bev Trowbridg and Linda Poole
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A Tale of Two Pastures: Pasture Response to Catastrophic Events

Did you know that pasture health and flying in an airplane are similar in some ways? If not, don’t worry; you’re not alone. A catastrophic event that happens in flight can resemble how a pasture responds following a catastrophe. Let us explain... 
By Justin Morris and Linda Poole, NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialists

Episode 244. She’s Raising Sheep: Indiana’s Denice Rackley

This episode of Voices from the Field is the first in a five-part  series about women raising sheep. The She’s Raising Sheep series features practical tips for starting and growing a profitable sheep business, plus we’ll have some laughs along the way.
Denice Rackley and Linda Poole