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Soil Health 101: Grazing and Soil Health with Jody Reyer

In this video, Jody Reyer, owner and operator of Reyer Farms…

Grazing for Resilience: Bouncing Forward from Catastrophic Events

For many areas of the western United States and Canada, 2021 was one of the hottest and driest years in recorded history. With temperatures exceeding 110 degrees F and precipitation at one-third to one-half of what’s been the norm, these are unparalleled conditions that are catastrophic in their effect on the land, animals, and people. But what is to be done when nature dishes out severe weather events such as flooding, fire, or grasshoppers that eat every green leaf in sight? Is it possible to not just bounce back from such catastrophes but to bounce forward by rising to even greater resilience in the future? The answer is a resounding YES!
By Justin Morris and Linda Poole, Regenerative Grazing Specialists

For the Love of the Wild: Livestock Pastures as Wildlife Habitat

Farmers, ranchers, and researchers have come to understand that the functionality of ecosystems on farms is largely dependent on plant and animal biodiversity. Functional ecological processes and services are facilitated by biology, necessitating maintenance of biological integrity and diversity in agroecosystems.
By Lee Rinehart, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist
lambs and ewes in pasture

Building a Strong Foundation for Working with Livestock

Years of farming and visiting other farms, combined with recent education in soil health, have convinced me of this: We can best serve people, the land, and the livestock by learning to care for the soil FIRST. That’s why NCAT’s Livestock and Grazing Team began with this foundation when they gathered to teach a three-part series for beginning livestock producers. 
By Linda Coffey, NCAT Livestock Specialist
Doug Lair feeding hay

The Journey to a More Holistic System of Ranching

After many different and varied careers, Doug Lair settled into ranching 25 years ago, returning to a legacy started by his great-great grandfather, who passed down a team of mules and the family brand to his great grandfather. I recently had a conversation with Doug about his efforts to create a more holistic system of ranching.
By Andrew Coggins, NCAT Rocky Mountain West Regional Director

Lambing, Kidding, and Calving on Pasture

In this video, Margo Hale, Tracy Mumma, Linda Poole, and Linda…

Overgrazing – A Chronic Soil Disturbance on Grazing Lands: Part II

If we’re going to build the health of anything – whether that’s our own health or the health of grazing lands – and we are causing damage by our management actions, then our first priority should be to stop the damage.
By Justin Morris, Regenerative Grazing Specialist

Virtual Farm Tour: Risk Management at Windset Ranch

Hear from farmers Jeremy and Nina Prater about their family’s…

Safety for Sheep and Shepherd

When NCAT’s Livestock Team recently held a series of webinars for people considering a new livestock enterprise, many folks indicated they were thinking of getting sheep. Sounds good to me!
By Linda Poole, Regenerative Grazing Specialist
Mama goat kissing baby

Virtual Farm Tour: Risk Management at Uncle Jerry’s Farm

Hear from farmer Deborah Coleman about her farm, Uncle Jerry’s…