Farm Law

Farm law focuses on the rights of farmers on their property, the food and products they produce, and tourism opportunities to sustain their families. This category is broad for most farmers, but as a landowner and producer, it is advisable to learn your responsibilities to yourself, your neighbors, and the community.

Farm law entails many facets, such as mineral, water, and air rights; succession planning, and land stewardship for future generations. Most farmers don’t know that these laws and responsibilities fall upon them, but you can learn from this section and from other farmers around the country.

Here, you can check out a wealth of ATTRA’s practical resources on farm law and find ways to connect with a local attorney, consultant, or professional in your state to assist with questions and concerns.

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Felicia Bell

Felicia Bell

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Marty Holman works the computer in his outdoor office on Holman’s Harvest Farms in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, February 25, 2021. Holman raises chickens, cattle, vegetable, and tropical fruit on his 15 acres. USDA/FPAC photo by Preston KeresUSDA