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Sustainable Agriculture Topics

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Improving sustainability in poultry production means not only reducing costs and maximizing productivity but also a focus on bird health and welfare and other societal concerns. Large-scale production has led to geographical concentration of birds and their waste products, creating environmental concerns in terms of water and air quality. Consumers have increasing concerns about food safety (food-borne pathogens, pesticide residues, additives, antibiotic residues/resistance), nutritional (fat content, fatty acid profile, vitamins), value (appearance, flavor, traceability, regional production), and production process concerns (animal welfare, genetically modified organisms, environmental impact, worker safety, social justice).

In this section, NCAT provides a variety of publications, presentations and links to other information sources that will help beginning or seasoned farmers learn how to make their poultry enterprises more sustainable. Information covers topics such as alternative housing systems, pasture nutrition and USDA certified organic regulations.