Vineyards and Viticulture

high tunnel grapes

Viticulture is the cultivation and harvesting of grapes, including wine grapes, table grapes, raisins, and grapes for grape juice, vinegar, jams, and other products. Grapes grow in clusters on deciduous woody vines, and they can be produced in many types of systems, including vineyards, high tunnels, and diversified vineyard agroforestry systems such as alley cropping systems and food forests.

Depending on what kinds of grapes you are producing, your production methods and management plan will change. No matter what grape production system you have, there will be seasonal tasks that are important to plan for, including pruning, maneuvering trellises and vine support systems, canopy management, floor management, pest management, and harvest.   

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grapes in a vineyard
Hand holding Mars table grape bunch above plastic bin.