Episode 333. Draft Animals 101

For centuries, draft animals were the premier power source for agriculture. 

Although tractors eventually usurped draft animals on most farms, ranches, and forests, some teamsters have kept the traditions alive. With the upswing of modern homesteading and people striving for ecologically beneficial agricultural practices, it looks like draft power is making a comeback. 

In this episode of Voices from the Field, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist and wanna-be teamster Linda Poole quizzes seasoned experts Tracy Mumma (also an NCAT staff member), Tracy’s husband David Sturman, and Jim Gronau – an oxen teamster from Canada – on the what, why, and how of getting started with draft animals.  

 If you want to learn more, be sure to come back for the next episode – an in-depth conversation between Tracy and Jim about using draft animals in farming. 

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