Linda Poole

Episode 209. Meet NCAT: Linda Poole Explains There’s No Cookbook for Regenerative Grazing but Networks are a Key Ingredient

In this episode, you can make the acquaintance of NCAT’s new Regenerative Grazing Specialist, Linda Poole. Linda’s love of working wildlands began with riding horseback at her family’s Eastern Washington ranch and led to a Master of Science degree in wildlife ecology from Oregon State University.

She managed The Nature Conservancy’s 60,000-acre Matador Grassbank in Montana and raises sheep her own homestead in Malta, Montana. Linda has developed a wealth of experience that will be a great contribution to NCAT’s sustainable-agriculture resources.

Linda’s NCAT colleague, the other Linda – Linda Coffey of NCAT’s Arkansas office – welcomes her new co-worker. They talk about the work Linda will be doing for NCAT, as well as her perspectives on adaptive grazing management, learning from mistakes, and the resilience in natural systems.

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