High Tunnels

High tunnels are metal structures covered in plastic and usually unheated  that offer the plants grown inside protection from wind, rain, frost, and, in some cases, pests and diseases. This protection can increase crop quality and extend the growing season for the farmer.

Most high tunnel production consists of inground growing (in some cases, year-round) of intensively planted, highvalue crops grown. Crops grown in high tunnels include highvalue vegetables, strawberries, brambles, grapes, and tree fruits. This type of growing requires an increase in management and labor and special attention to soil quality to address the unique growing conditions in the tunnel. 

Many farmers view high tunnel production as essential to satisfying markets and for improved farm profitability. Learn more about high tunnel production in the practical ATTRA resources below. 

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John Wallace

John Wallace

Workers tending to tomatoes in a greenhouse.
high tunnel in winter
men tending transplants in a greenhouse
hoop house built over raised bed
High tunnel winter production of Asian greens and spinach
high tunnels in urban ag
Hand holding Mars table grape bunch above plastic bin.
sweet cherry trees in a high tunnel