Insects are important components of our agricultural production systems. These six-legged creatures can be pests, or beneficials, and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. It’s important for farmers and others to understand how best to manage their farms to reduce the likelihood of pest outbreaks, and to manage for beneficial insects.

This section provides practical ATTRA information about how to manage pest insects, focusing on ecological approaches designed to prevent pest outbreaks by reducing favorable conditions for the pest.  There is also information about how to create habitat for beneficial insects on your farm which will help prevent pest outbreaks. More knowledge about insects’ lifecycles and habitat requirements for both pests and beneficials may allow the farmer to reduce pest management costs, and increase the sustainability of the farm.

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Rex DuFour

Rex DuFour

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dung beetles making dung ball
No Chemical Spraying sign
Basket of fruit
two sheep
closeup of Colorado Potato Beetles
Close-up of a lettuce aphid
C. maxima on the vine.
Harlequin stink bug egg masses, first instar hatchlings and 4th instar nymphs.
Sweeping for insects.