Pigs and Hogs

Pigs, or hogs, are prolific animals that convert feed to meat efficiently and can require less land than other stock. They can improve land fertility and use alternative feed resources that may otherwise be wasted.  

However, they must be managed well, feed costs must be in line with the income from the enterprise, and the land must be protected from too much hog impact.

The practical ATTRA resources below include information about protecting the environment, managing hogs on pasture or in a hoop house, choosing breeds, raising pigs, farrowing, marketing pastured pork, and more.   

Pig standing in a Texas field

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Staff Expert

Linda Coffey

Linda Coffey

Lucy the sow getting back scratches
Beef cattle in the pasture
a sow with piglets
Sheep manure in a cover cropped walnut alley. This farmer stopped grazing sheep in their walnut orchard due to the potential risk (and liability) of contamination by pathogens from undecomposed manure contacting walnuts during harvest.
Linda Coffey checking for signs of illness in goat
Piglets in line at Prater Farm
poly-wire fence
Hereford cattle grazing on an ARS research range in Montana.
Measuring with grazing stick